Month: August 2011

Dive Log

This is my online dive log. I’ve been very bad about tracking my dives, but I’ve been able to piece most of them together.

Places to Visit

This is a running list of things/places that I’d like to visit.  Some of the things/places I might have even visited as a kid, but I don’t remember, so I should revisit.  It is broken down by continent and not particularly organized.

My Time at Oklahoma

With football season fast approaching, I’m getting excited about Oklahoma Football. I’ve also been reminiscing a little bit about my time at Oklahoma. The five years I was at Oklahoma was a very turbulent time for Oklahoma football. My dad played football for Oklahoma in the late 1950s, so I grew up dreaming of playing […]

Your 30,60,90 Day Plan

  30 – Listen 60 – Plan 90 – Implement