Month: October 2009

Random Thoughts of the Day

I received this as an email from a friend and could not stop laughing when I read it. It just got funnier and funnier the further I read.  

How to research a company before your interview

It’s imperative that you do your research on a company before you interview with them. Not only does being well-versed in a company’s mission and history help you tremendously when it’s time to ask the interviewer some questions, but it will also help you decide whether it’s a place you even want to work.

Running an IT consultancy without a credit card

The only constant in consulting is that there are no constants in consulting — and that’s especially true about the timing of income and expenses. Murphy’s Law dictates that your server’s motherboard will commit electronic hari-kari only after the river of receivables has run dry, so you need to have a plan for smoothing out […]

Six political animals you might encounter at your client’s office

Jacques Mattheij recently published an online manual titled How To Be a Consultant, a freelancer or an independent contractor (hat tip to IT Security blogger Chad Perrin for the link). The Politics page on his site grabbed my attention. I’ve written about the role of the consultant in office politics before, but Jacques approaches it […]