Month: May 2009

Socialism in America?!

As I stated in my last “political” blog posts, I don’t like arguing politics, but it’s time to speak up on some topics in today’s political environment. While I do understand the topics and have my opinions, I like to leave it up to professional writers to express my opinions. This article captures it quite […]

Top 25 Cities for Your Career

My hometown of Austin is consistently rank as the top place to live for various reasons. According to Austin was recently ranked #1 City for Your Career. It has the best “Bang for your Buck”.

Theft in the Workplace

At my office there is a list on our listserv for “Fun”. This fun list is used for everything from: giving away free kittens to discussions about guns. Frequently I see people posting that someone stole their food from the refrigerator. This Dilbert cartoon is applicable. Why can’t people keep their hands off other people’s […]

Texas Voter ID Bill

I’ve never been one to argue politics with anyone, but the recent political climate causes me great concern about our country. One example that I’m going to blog about here is the Texas Voter ID bill that Gov Rick Perry has proposed. The bill sounds pretty simple to me yet democrats are fighting it. Now […]

A Weekend in San Antonio for My Six-Month Anniversary

This weekend Emily and I are celebrating our six-month anniversary in San Antonio on the Riverwalk. We checked into the Marriott Rivercenter and got a room on the 29th floor with a view of the Riverwalk. Tonight we are heading to Kona Grill for dinner and then we’ll go walk around the Riverwalk.

How many servers do you have?

Data Center Knowledge recently published an article listing the number of servers that some of the internet’s biggest companies have in their data centers. Rackspace recently made it to the 50,000 server club. It’s almost inconceivable how someone can deploy and manage so many systems.   Read all about it.

Good Quotes

My whole life I’ve always enjoyed reading quotes and quips on various topics. I think I learned this from my father. When I was playing football he would always have a good quote for me to lift my spirits and keep me working toward my goals. I have an entire notebook at home with quotes, […]