Don’t widen the plate

Don’t widen the plate

Size Matters! Twenty years ago, in Nashville,Tennessee,during the first week of January,1996, more than 4,000 baseball coaches descended upon the Opryland Hotel for the 52nd annual ABCA’s convention. While I waited in line to register with the hotel staff, I heard other more veteran coaches rumbling about the lineup of speakers scheduled to present during […]

Continents and Countries

My family has always been the jet-setting type, so I grew up traveling. I take every opportunity I get to travel these days. I just took a traveling job, which allows me to explore new cities all over the country. Meanwhile, I am racking up a ton of airline miles, hotel points, etc.

Caroline’s Travels

Our daughter is just over 19 months old now and people keep commenting on all the places we have taken her.  I thought it would be fun to keep a running list, so she knows when she is older.

7 Steve Jobs Quotes That Could Change Your Life

He came, he saw, he conquered…and he left behind some words to live by:

Liquor Prices

I rarely remember what I paid for things when I go to the store.  Recently, Twin Liquors in Austin has a “$1 over cost” sale. We’ll see how good these prices were over time.

Ammo Prices

This is an article I created, way before the gun control scare after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings.  I am a law-abiding citizen who enjoys hunting and just shooting guns in a safe environment.  I wrote this article to track the pricing of ammo before it started skyrocketing for fear of banning guns.  Too bad I […]

Twenty Questions to Ask in an Interview (Marc Cenedella)

Good Monday morning, David, What’s an interview about? It sure feels like it’s about you, but it’s really not. An interview is actually about how you can help your future boss and future employer succeed. It’s about finding out what their requirements and hopes are and matching up your background and experience with what they […]

Being Bad is Easy

At church last week, Dr. Haney had a really good sermon on “Encouragement”. There were a couple of thought provoking one-liners that I wrote down. Being bad takes almost no effort. (Being evil is different. That takes work.) Am I doing my best (to make others better)? It’s not about what you should do, it’s […]

Arnold’s Six Rules of Success

WHO do you want to be? Not “what” do you want to be. Trust Yourself Break the Rules – Think outside the box Don’t be afraid to fail Don’t listen to the naysayers Work your butt off Give something back

US States Visited

This is a map of the states I have visited.  Last year (2015), I visited 3 new states: Idaho, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  I should have hit Maine while I was up there, but I’m sure I’ll go back to Boston this year, so I’ll have to plan some extra time to visit Rhode Island […]