Year: 2010

Twenty Questions to Ask in an Interview

This is an article from The Ladders that I thought had some good questions. Good Monday morning, As I’ve met with TheLadders subscribers across the country, I’ve heard that the interview questions in a newsletter from February were very useful to you in preparing for interviews, and what you should ask in those interviews.  And […]

25 Funny Vandalized Signs

Sunday Afternoon Ride 10/24/2010

This afternoon I went for a nice, long ride. It was an unusually warm day. I saw 87 degrees at one point on a bank sign. Overall I felt really strong, but I hit a wall at about mile 21. It was probably my lack of meals. I only had one breakfast taco all day. […]

Bike Rides 10/17 – 10/23/2010

10/17/2010 – 20 miles 10/18/2010 – 19 Miles 10/20/2010 – 15.5 miles

Hawaii Trip Planning

Cospace – your own office with a bunch of other people.

Tonight I came across an interesting concept.  It’s called Cospace and it’s based on the concept of “coworking”.

Idiot Sighting

Subject: These are the people that are going to be running everything when you are retired

Getting your Pilot’s License

For a long time I have considered getting my pilot’s license.  My dad is a licensed pilot and we used to own our own airplane.  When we moved to Germany in the early 1980s they sold the plane and planned to buy a new one, but never did.  Here is some info I found on the process.  […]

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